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Sue Devitt Studio Microquatic Primer

Sue Devitt Studio Microquatic Primer

Most of the time I am too lazy to put on makeup. Or, if I do, it’s just a little bit of blush. This wasn’t always the case, but since Mini has been in the picture, I’ve had to adjust to getting ready while dodging flying sippy cups and snuggling underneath the hair dryer, so things have changed a bit since my ultra glamorous childless days. Anyway, when I do put on makeup, I’ve found that my skin kind of sucks up all of the foundation and I end up not getting as much coverage as I’d like. Or, need, based on the appearance of my under-eye circles. Enter foundation primer to the rescue–I use the Microquatic Primer by Sue Devitt Studio because it has a kind of velvety texture that I love. It does add a bit of moisture to your skin, but is not greasy. And it allows you to actually cover up some of those, cough, imperfections that have appeared over the last fifteen years or so.

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  1. Jan 17, 2009

    Cool. I’m still waiting for my BeneFit High Beam to arrive from Sephora.com (because, as it turned out, having enough personal time to drive all the way across Milwaukee to buy it in person was, like, the impossible dream…so I ordered online, which lead to the discovery that they give free shipping if you buy enough, so I was forced to buy some OPI nail polish with it, because nail polish is my vice, even though I haven’t had time to polish my nails since 2004).

    What I REALLY want to know is: what conditioner are you using with the Kerastase shampoo? I have toddler hair too, and this time of year I HAVE to use conditioner, and I can’t find one I like.

    Kerry´s last blog post..Modesty sucks.

  2. Jan 17, 2009

    Mineral makeup is super fast. If you try it you will not go back!

    I remember before having kids reading about “multi-tasking” products and thinking, “It saves thirty sesconds? Who cares!” but now I get it.

    I am not seen without makeup and I have to put it on first thing in the AM. Then I just go go go. If I don’t do it then, it won’t happen, and that’s not acceptable;-)

    Juliet´s last blog post..The Sundial

  3. Jan 17, 2009

    @Juliet, I actually use a Jane Iredale mineral makeup from time to time. But mainly, I just spend so much time drying my hair I’m too lazy to put on makeup afterwards!

    @Kerry, I use a few different kinds: Terax crema is a very good every day conditioner, so is Lait Vital Proteine by Kerastase, and then for the every two weeks conditioner I use either Kerastase Masquintense for fine hair (they make a thick one also) or Kerastase Volumactive deep conditioner. I haven’t recommended specific products of conditioner because I don’t have one brand that I’ve decided is the best, always–that’s kind of how I decide what I will put in the commodity fetishism section, my absolute favorite of all time products. But conditioner is such a complex topic, you see!

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