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High Beam by BeneFit

High Beam by BeneFit

I have been using this stuff for going on ten years now. Maybe that means my look is dated, but I don’t think so, because this stuff is as close to a makeup miracle in a bottle as I have ever seen. High Beam is a subtle highlighting cream that you use on your brow- and cheekbones to add just a subtle glow. It is one of those things that you think is not going to make much of a difference, but it does–there is something about adding a subtle shine there that makes you look healthy, happy, and ten years younger (according to the copywriters at BeneFit, anyway). I’m not sure I’d go that far, but it does look good, and best of all: you don’t have to know what you’re doing to make it look good. Just rub a dab in and go. And yeah, I started using BeneFit products back when they were one of the few companies still not a part of that evil Estee Lauder makeup conglomerate, but I like their products so much that I still use them now, even post buyout. Just don’t tell anyone.

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  1. Jan 11, 2009

    I could use 10 years. Hmmmm…may need to try it out.

    Michele´s last blog post..You’re on Jen!

  2. Jan 11, 2009

    I could use ten years too. Maybe I will go to Sephora (oh, yeah, we finally got a Sephora in Wisconsin) before the subzero temperatures hit this week. I think they carry BeneFit there.

  3. Jan 12, 2009

    I love the benefit products also

  4. Jan 14, 2009

    I love this product as I do a noumber of other Benefit product – I am a sucker for good packaging but at least this actually is a good product too.

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