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I Am Not a Paper Cup

I Am Not a Paper Cup

So I like “witty” objects. Sue me. Several people on my list got this I am Not a Paper Cup mug from me this year. The mug itself is porcelain, and the lid is made from silicone, so you can actually take advantage of the anti-spilling features of the Starbucks cup without violating the environment. Not that I care, of course. I just think it looks cool.

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  1. Dec 28, 2008

    That’s great! I’ve not seen it, but I’ll steal the idea for future gifts. Hope your holidays have been happy…

    Chris´s last blog post..Christmas 2008 – The End

  2. Dec 28, 2008

    Hehe, I like those.

    Keely´s last blog post..Spin Cycle: It’s no secret

  3. Kerry
    Dec 28, 2008

    Cool. I also like the “We are happy to serve you” cup at UncommonGoods.com, but it doesn’t have a lid like this one.

  4. Dec 28, 2008

    I like it too! Although, I do generally like things that make me smile. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t like it and I wouldn’t smile.

    J.´s last blog post..Merry Blogiversary To Me

  5. Dec 28, 2008

    That is freakin’ awesome. Where do I get it.

    shonda´s last blog post..Shine in 2009

  6. Dec 28, 2008

    Ah I totally bought that for my brother for Christmas! I probably thought it was funnier than he did.

    Jess´s last blog post..About my dad

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