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Toddler Airplane Behavior Management System (Beta Version)

Toddler Airplane Behavior Management System (Beta Version)

So, yeah, the theory was, be prepared. Procure one impossibly cute toddler-sized backpack with a penguin on it.


Fill said impossibly cute backpack with assorted toys that toddler has never seen, including many toys with a transportation and/or construction theme. For thematic appropriateness, include a blue airplane toy if possible.


Add coloring book, crayons, and/or sticker activity book. Verify crayons are washable and that sticker activity book/coloring book is emblazoned with various familiar, computer-animated animals bearing the voices of famous GenX comedians.

For security, throw in a few old favorites.
Make sure to have plenty of bribes with which to grease the wheels of good behavior.
And lastly, always have a Plan B.
The verdict: 5 hours is a long time to be on a plane with a toddler. Bottom line. Mini did a great job, and the Toddler Airplane Behavior Management System (Beta) performed decently. Some final tweaks are needed: for example, videos do not work exceptionally well when the siren song of the open aisle upon which to run cars calls. Also, mini Oreos and/or Teddy Grahams are great in the moment, and will secure a good 20 minutes to a half-hour of quiet time. However, when the sugar kicks in, you are in trouble. Next time: bring more regular food.

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  1. Kerry
    Dec 23, 2008

    I’m impressed. I worked for an airline until July, so I got free airfare, and I STILL haven’t taken them on an airplane.

    Love that backpack too. It’s hard to find stuff that isn’t covered with licensed characters of some sort.

  2. You could absolutely sell one of those completed travel backpacks for a greatly inflated price on the Internet!

    foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog)´s last blog post..would you like a gift receipt?

  3. Dec 23, 2008

    Ah, the joys of air travel with a toddler. I always bribed with goldfish to avoid the sugar rush, sometimes dried fruit too so they would have something sweet.

    Merry Christmas….good luck on the trip home too!!

    The Stiletto Mom´s last blog post..And Now A Special Message To Santa From The Children…

  4. Dec 23, 2008

    I was POSITIVE that your Plan B photo would be liquid Benadryl.

    Cat´s last blog post..The Real Slim Shady

  5. Dec 23, 2008

    If you do Benadryl TRY IT FIRST! For some kids it has the opposite (obviously undesired) effect of rendering them hyper. Like totally, crazy hyper.

    We always travel with a portable DVD player now. Two year old is somewhat oblivious but for six year old, it’s all we need. Sad to say, she would uncomplainingly sit in front of DVDs 24/7 if we let her.

    Juliet´s last blog post..Demise of the Drugstore

  6. iliana
    Apr 23, 2009

    oh my gosh! that is so cute! i wish i could have that backpack! (too bad im not a toddler!)

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