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Purseket Purse Organizer

Purseket Purse Organizer


I went to The Container Store the other day to buy wrapping paper. Did I tell you that The Container Store has great wrapping paper? You probably already know. Anyhoo, as is usually the case with my trips to The Container Store, I came back with a few items that were definitely not on my list but which I think are pretty damn cool, anyway. Take this thing, the Pursket. I know what you are thinking: what a dumbass name. I know! My best guess is that it’s supposed to evoke “basket” but with “purse” or somesuch. But who cares. The name is unfortunate, but the premise is cool: it is an organizer that you can take from purse to purse, with pockets for all your crap, so that your purse doesn’t become just a mass of trash like mine usually is. Let’s see how it works.

First of all, you unroll it and put in all your crap, like I have here. There are different sized pockets for things like cell phones and wallets, though if you have a checkbook wallet this might not work for you. But if you have a checkbook wallet, you really should get rid of it, you know. Nobody writes checks anymore. (Please note that I have a checkbook wallet, as pictured in the top left corner of the picture below. Busted. I am getting rid of it, though. Finally.)

While we’re on the topic of purse organization, let me call your attention to these little plastic containers I found (also at The Container Store). Does anybody chew as much gum as I do? Well, if you do, and you chew Orbit brand in particular, you will know that it has an annoying habit of coming out of the package in your purse and spreading a disgusting film on the bottom of the lining. Well, with this little container, that problem is solved.
I have one for my gum and a few other random things like stamps and hair bands, and one for my eighty-five million tubes of lip balm.

OK, so after you have all your crap in the little compartments, you simply roll the Purseket into a . . . uh, well, you roll it into a roll.


And then you put it in your purse . . .


Where it expands to form a kind of makeshift organizing panel on the sides of the purse. Cool, eh?


Comments (3)

  1. Dec 20, 2008

    That name has got to go! Reminds me of “spoonula” which is a cross between a spoon & spatula (used to tuck in a sofa slipcover.) I think we have the same purse — LV Speedy.

  2. Dec 21, 2008

    I almost bought the Pursket on Friday but then couldn’t decide if I would just turn it into a huge mess with all my crap. You like it so far though? You look like you may actually have as much crap as I do… 🙂

    The Stiletto Mom´s last blog post..Where’d You Learn That Language Son?

  3. Dec 21, 2008

    I think this is a great idea, and I would probably buy one if I used a purse on any kind of regular basis. Unfortunately (or, actually, fortunately for me), I don’t. I much prefer to tuck my wallet and cell phone into a pocket and will only use a purse if I absolutely have to.

    J.´s last blog post..In A "P" Mood