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I’m Still Sick, So Today, Instead of Another Fascinating Story About Tanya Written in the Second Person, You’ll be Reading a Non-Sponsored Post About Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

I’m Still Sick, So Today, Instead of Another Fascinating Story About Tanya Written in the Second Person, You’ll be Reading a Non-Sponsored Post About Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

First of all, let me say that this is not a sponsored post. Yes, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser appears on the ad sections of this site like 85 million times per day. But that is just coincidence. Because a few years ago, when Mr. Clean first released the Magic Eraser, I was like, “How useful could that possibly be?” Because I had pictures in my head of kids drawing on the walls with crayons, and at the time I had no kids, so I was thinking, “Eh.” But then something happened. Like say, one day you happen to be taking pictures.
And then you say, hey, wait, what’s that?
Yuck. And so you try to clean it off with soap, or maybe some all purpose cleaner. But it won’t come off. And yeah, you could just Photoshop it off, I guess. But now that you know it’s there, it’s going to keep bugging you. So you break out a magic eraser because why not. And sure enough . . .
It works. It totally works. And now that you know it works, you start seeing uses for it everywhere. Like on the baseboards. Or on the walls of the stairwell. Or the side of the crib.
And sure enough, it works in these places, too.
And before you know it, you have a two eraser a day habit. And you’re looking around for support groups, but then you think, if loving Mr. Clean Magic Erasers is wrong, I don’t wanna be right!

Comments (13)

  1. Nov 7, 2008

    AND the cream on teh top?

    Mr. Clean erasers can scrub pots and pans!!!!!

    I use them for everything… !!!!

    Lisa Hawkes´s last blog post..Who Da Man

  2. Nov 7, 2008

    mr. clean magic erasers may be the greatest invention EVER. they’re the only thing that will get my glass stove top clean. i <3 them.

    MommyNamedApril´s last blog post..April’s Little Family is So VERY Blessed.

  3. Nov 7, 2008

    Now if Mr. Clean himself would just come over and use the eraser to clean up all the spots around here…

    My Buddy Mimi´s last blog post..I slept through the whole thing

  4. Nov 7, 2008

    I was recently introduced to the wonder that is the Tide pen, and think that I may have to try this magic eraser thing now. 🙂

    Amy´s last blog post..Moving On

  5. AKD
    Nov 7, 2008

    I have had the experience that the eraser will leave shiny spots on matte paint if you use it to scrub the wall. Have you had this problem? Any fix-its?

  6. Nov 7, 2008

    Not having kids must make me lazy, ’cause I use Windex for just about everything.

    J.´s last blog post..OMFG!!

  7. Nov 7, 2008

    All hail Mr. Clean! Two things I know about Magic Erasers:

    1) the off-brand ones are not as good. My mother thinks this is crazy but it’s true.

    2) they don’t work as well on children.

    Becky´s last blog post..Daring Caper, Part Deux: Mission Thwarted

  8. Nov 7, 2008

    When we moved into our apartment, I swear to you that the hood over the stove had not been cleaned properly (as in, suitable for my slightly OCD standards) since it had been installed. At least, that’s my estimate. Two Magic Erasers and some elbow grease and all the grease and dried on food (eek!) was gone!!! My love for Mr. Clean knows no bounds.

    NGS´s last blog post..45 x 365 #11

  9. Nov 7, 2008

    Magic Erasers are the bomb, esp when you have kids. Also, my life is not complete without my Tide Stain Pen. As a highly anal retentive person, I rely on these products to keep me from killing my husband and/or my kids on a weekly basis when something gets stained or drawn on.

    Have a good weekend!

    The Stiletto Mom´s last blog post..Pete In A Pushcart

  10. I would get down on my knees and kiss the feet of the person responsible for inventing Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. For real. I’d have one of the erasers on me in the event I had to clean the floor before getting down to kiss their feet, but if they work for Mr. Clean, I’m going to assume the floor is already clean. That said, these things bust the heck out of soap scum in tubs and showers, too.

    foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog)´s last blog post..regrets. I have a few.

  11. Anna, do you know what is hidden under my kitchen sink at this very moment? 2 jumbo sized boxes of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.

    I don’t know who invented these things, but the are goddamn geniuses. They do, in fact, work like Magic. And, they fall apart and dissolve so quickly, that you have to use a lot of them to clean up a mess of any size. So the Mr. Clean people really got me there.

    Nothing cleans up crayon like a Magic Eraser. nothing.

    blissfully caffeinated´s last blog post..Memelicious!

  12. Nov 7, 2008

    I have never known this. Why was I not informed before now? Now I have to go to the store. Hello, I have a son. I. Must. Have. It.

    Jim´s last blog post..The Smackdown (+ an award)

  13. Nov 8, 2008

    I was first introduced to Magic Erasers in the spring of 2006 and have had a love/hate relationship since. Love how they clean/hat how they fall apart.

    Michele´s last blog post..Speaking of Yak Cheese

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