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How to De-Stankify Your Diaper Pail

How to De-Stankify Your Diaper Pail

Ahh, the diaper pail. Before you had kids, you had nightmares about it. Or maybe you had heard of the Diaper Genie, and you thought, all that stank is a thing of the past. And when you first brought home your newborn, and his or her poop looked like French mustard, and didn’t really stink, you were like, “What’s all the bitching about?”

But then a few months went by, and slowly your little newborn started getting bigger and demanding other kinds of food. “Solids,” they were called, even though at first they were really just other forms of liquid food. And with each new food came some changes to that French mustard stuff. And then, the day came that your child was eating real food, like grabbing off your plate kind of food, and the poop reached a new height of stankdom. And you knew that no Diaper Genie in the world could keep down that kind of stank, and so you started taking out the diaper pail every time there was a dirty diaper in it.

And this worked for a while. Until your little one got bigger. And ate more and more. And it became a two or three trip a day commitment to keep up with the dirty diapers. And you tried–oh yes, you tried, to always take out the diaper pail when it had a dirty diaper in it. But one round of the flu, and BAM! you were stuck with the diaper stank room at 2:30 am in the morning on a Wednesday, and fuck if you were going out to the trash can AGAIN in just a few hours.

And if you’re lucky, you weren’t sleeping in the diaper stank room. But chances are that the little one was. And though he couldn’t really articulate his objection to the diaper stank, you knew it was there. Because he kept pointing to the corner, from whence the diaper stank was emanating, and saying, “nonononono!”

So, now what?

Well, fortunately, you read Parent Hacks and got your hands on a brilliant idea you would steal from them, which they had stolen from somebody named Kristine, who in turn had stolen it from her friend. That idea? Deploy the technology that has kept drug-sniffing dogs at bay for centuries. OK, maybe just since the eighties. That technology? Coffee!

First, assemble your materials: one lingerie laundry bag and one can of strong smelling coffee. I have chosen this Trader Joe’s Volcano because 1) Trader Joe’s is cheap; and 2) “Volcano” suggests its particular strength might be just the thing to finally kill off poop stank.
Fill said lingerie bag with extra strong coffee beans
Zip up the lingerie bag and fold it into a nice, neat little package.
Place that nicely folded package of coffee in the bottom of said diaper pail.
Voilà. Yes, your baby’s room will smell like Starbucks for a few days, but after that it will go away, and so will the poop stank!

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  1. Nov 1, 2008

    What a great idea! I use coffee to de-stink all kinds of stuff but never thought of the diaper pail.

    BTW: We bought some of those little disks that are supposed to remove the odor. Instead, we ended up with a colony of med flies in our diaper pail! I Googled how to get rid of them, and it turns out that the disks themselves were the source of the flies! Apparently, the factory where they were made was full of them, and they laid their eggs in the disks. Add poo and humidity – and you have med flies! Luckily they never got out of the diaper pail (Dekor, like you use) but it was really gross to see them when I’d empty it.

    We keep our pail in the bathroom, and I’ve found those Lysol bleach cloths also help the stank. After I clean the bathroom, I throw them into the diaper pail. It also killed off those flies!

    Mary Anna´s last blog post..More Than You Wanted to Know (Tag)

  2. Brilliant. Since I’m past diaper pail time, I wonder if it would work for stanky shoes? You know, put a few beans in the shoes overnight?

    Laurin of Laurin and Kelly Talk´s last blog post..That’s Bananas!

  3. Nov 1, 2008

    I don’t have kids, but I’m totally thinking this might solve our sports equipment closet issues. Thanks for the tip!

    NGS´s last blog post..Boys and Girls

  4. Nov 1, 2008

    I’m way past the diaper stage but I’m thinking this might be useful in the boys locker room that my son calls home. I just can’t seem to remember to put new plugins.

    Michele´s last blog post..Happy Halloween

  5. Nov 1, 2008

    a. brilliant, applying a drug trafficking tecnique to a diaper pail.
    b. so glad my youngest takes care of this sort of something himself now.

    kate´s last blog post..without actually being in utero

  6. Nov 1, 2008

    Some coffee beans and a lingerie bag are headed to my son’s ice hockey equipment bag ASAP!

    Christine´s last blog post..What to Read After the First Snowfall of the Year

  7. Shut UP! I just threw away our two-year-old’s diaper pail, because no amount of bleaching or powerwashing could get rid of the stench that had permeated the plastic container. I am all over this! Thank you, thank you!

  8. KerrySS
    Nov 1, 2008

    Seriously? That’s all it takes?

    And it’s even cooler if I can tell my in-laws that it’s a technique used by drug dealers. Like, bonus.

  9. Nov 1, 2008

    Oh sure, now you tell me….

    Jim´s last blog post..Stages

  10. Nov 2, 2008

    OMG. Genius again. Please, keep them coming. This is what I NEED TO KNOW. Forget about babies 101, I need these tidbits.

    crazylovescompany´s last blog post..What happened with the dinners? Puppy, and other crucial Sunday updates.

  11. Nov 2, 2008

    I am trying this as soon as my daughter wakes and I can get into her room to get the Diaper Genie. Our DG is almost seven years old since we used it with our six year old too, and it SMELLS. A few months ago I tried desperately to get rid of the smell but couldn’t figure out a way that actually worked for more than a few hours. I even rigged up a way to soak it in a vinegar bath, then a baking soda bath, by filling the bathtub, submerging the DG in the tub, and weighting it down so it wouldn’t float. Didn’t work! I’ll report back on this. I have a feeling this will do the trick.

    Juliet´s last blog post..El Gordo Tacos de Tijuana – Temecula!

  12. Nov 3, 2008

    this is fucking genius anna, and I’m giving you all the credit.

    jenni´s last blog post..Spin Cycle: Why Race Matters

  13. Nov 3, 2008

    We had old-school radiators in our old house. Our big discovery was that it stinks a lot less if you keep the diaper pail AWAY from the radiator. This should seem pretty obvious to anyone else, but it actually took us a while to figure out.

    My Buddy Mimi´s last blog post..Ghost of Halloween past

  14. Nov 10, 2008

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting on my blog! I was hoping that whoever gave me that tip would happen along, because I couldn’t remember where I got it, and I felt TERRIBLE about not being able to link to you. I’m off to update the post right now.

    Missives From Suburbia´s last blog post..Blue Who?

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