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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Custom Shopping Cart Cover by Angelyn Rose

[singlepic=406,560,560,,center] When I asked Mr. Right-Click to take this picture with his new Blackberry Storm–that’s right, Mr. Right-Click is one of the like three people in the world who got a Blackberry Storm this last week, he got up early to do it, and is a regular on Crackberry.com these days, apparently–he was like, “I […]

Destankify Your Washer with Smelly Washer Cleaner

[singlepic=407,560,560,,center] I have this annoying habit of leaving the wash in the washer so long that it starts to develop a musty smell. I don’t mean to do it, it’s just that the washer we have runs very long cycles, like way way longer than my attention span, so by the time it’s done, I’ve […]

Here is a Method That is Helping Newly Frugal Converts Get Out Of Debt: The Envelope Budgeting System

[singlepic=2,560,560,,center] As I discussed in my first post for this section of the site, I recommend making as many purchases as you can each month in cash. That’s right–real paper money, not the abstract concept of cash that makes you think you are using cash when you use a debit card. I don’t have a […]

Tanya: The Bold and the Uselessly Criminal, Part II

You were still high from your recent criminal success and, having escaped without suspicion, you both hungered for another quest. Your next target, the TAE house, was also out for the summer, and located just next door to the Delta Kappas. Had you been real cat burglars, perhaps this would have deterred you, to hit […]

Budgeting for the Self-Employed

[singlepic=1,650,650,,center] I recently discussed how to create your own Zero-Based Budget. To review, the Zero-Based Budget is a budget in which your income minus your expenses equals zero. In other words, every dollar has a place to go. When you talk about budgets, there’s always somebody in the crowd who says, “But . . .” […]

Financial Sanity 101: The Four Walls

[singlepic=49,650,650,,center]Photo by Fido Dido Maybe you’ve been working on your zero-based budget, and really giving this whole financial sanity thing the college try, but keep coming up short. There’s just not enough to go around! You’ve added up your expenses, and checked your income, and instead of being left with zero, you’ve got a negative […]