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Monthly Archives: October 2008

I Visit the Happiest Place On Earth and Meet This Dude Called Mickey Mouse, Who Seems Pretty Cool. By Mini Right-Click.

[singlepic=315,540,440,,center] So I wake up on Sunday morning, and before I even know which way is up, I notice Mommy and Daddy are acting geekier than usual. I’ll level with you, I try to be patient with them, but before I’ve had my milky milk in the morning, sometimes I’m just not ready to deal […]

Keeping Marriage “Real”: California’s Prop 8 and Why You Are a Fascist If You Vote Yes on It. Yes, That’s Right, I Called You a Fascist. And Yeah, I’m Aware of the Historical Associations, But I’m Sticking with It.

So I got an idea for a post when I was driving around and saw that some people in my neighborhood had made their own “Yes on Prop 8” signs to post outside of their house. These citizens were, I suppose, not happy with the standard issue “Yes on 8” signs available down at McCain/Palin […]

7 Ideas for Lists That I Started and Subsequently Abandoned, and The Reasonings Behind Those Abandonments, In Which I Swear Like a Sailor

[singlepic=240,540,330,,center] So, in thinking of what kind of list I wanted to make for this week, I had a couple of false starts. So I thought I’d list those for you, because why make this harder than it needs to be? . The 34 Worst Gifts I’ve Received in My Life. So I was thinking, […]

Heads Up, Peeps: The Norton Simon Museum Has Bitchen Statues of Naked Ladies! A Guest Post by Mini Right-Click

[singlepic=292,560,700,,center] This weekend, I took Mommy and Daddy to the Norton Simon Museum of Art. Trust me, they can benefit from the cultural enrichment. In case you don’t already know, the Norton Simon Museum has a pretty decent collection, particularly for an LA museum. I mean, let’s be honest: it’s not the Met, but what […]

Save Your Singles, Pal–Cash Won’t Buy You Jack in This Nap Dance

[singlepic=279,560,330,,center] Are you connoisseurs of the nap dance, my friends? And no, by using the term “nap dance,” I am most certainly not making reference to a type of “special” dance made available to cash-heavy gentlemen in the VIP room of Crazy Horse. Once again, I will kindly ask you to remove your mind from […]

6 Inappropriate Songs Played at My Gym, Plus 1 Extended Explanation of What My Gym Is Since Maybe You Don’t Already Know

[singlepic=240,540,330,,center] Every Saturday morning, Mr. Right-Click and I take Mini to a place called My Gym. If you’re not familiar with My Gym, it is an indoor gymnastic recreation establishment (not unlike Gymboree) where you take your kids to tire them out and–hopefully–buy yourselves some naptime later in the day. Unlike some indoor playgrounds, the […]