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This is the Best Place to Get Your Nails Done in LA. No, Really.

This is the Best Place to Get Your Nails Done in LA. No, Really.

I’m not going to lie to you: Lynn’s Nails is definitely not the most glamorous place to get your nails done. There are no frills here: just simple, non-massage chairs and plastic-lined dishwashing tubs for soaking your feet. There are no special ultraviolet lights to dry your nails, just miniature fans of the type that you might buy in bulk at Big Lots, and stacks of outdated magazines like In Touch and US Weekly to peruse while you wait.
But the manicurists at Lynn’s Nails are perfectionists about your nails, and they’re super cheap. I used to go to Lynn’s Nails regularly when I lived in Hollywood, and the second time I went (this was back in 2004), I noticed that they had been written up by Allure magazine as a top spot in LA to get your nails done, complete with their own magazine tear-out to prove it. This would be quite a feat for any nail salon, but it is particularly impressive for a nail salon that doesn’t hand out eucalyptus oil aromatherapy towels, cucumber water, and the like, while you’re waiting.
Not only is their quality the best I have found (they use OPI and China Glaze products), they are almost 50% cheaper than many other places I’ve tried that aren’t as good (like Burke Williams, Montana Nails in Santa Monica and (the worst) Dashing Diva, which looks all cutesy and Sex and the City-like, but who have chipped my nails and made me bleed on more than one occasion). The manicure/pedicure package at Lynn’s Nails is about $25, with an extra charge (I think it is $3) for a French manicure.
Notice the blech of my before nails.
Now look at the WOW! of my after nails.
I’ve decided to spare you the picture of my “before” pedicure. This is mainly because it is out of focus, though, not out of concern for you. Or your lunch.
You can usually walk-in without an appointment at Lynn’s, though they do get busy at lunchtime. The best part about Lynn’s Nails is that they know how to do a French Manicure without making it too thick–you know, so you don’t end up looking like Adrianna from The Sopranos and having to take a ride with Silvio.
Lynn’s Nails
7932 W 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 658-7762

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  1. Oct 25, 2008

    That place looks awesome. Well, not the building but you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, right? If it weren’t such a long commute from FL, I would go to Lynn’s today… The place I go is close, but they don’t always do a great job.

    Casey´s last blog post..Spin Cycle: Halloween – I Heard It Through The Grapevine

  2. Oct 25, 2008

    LA is about 5 hours from here. Hmmmm? I haven’t had my nails done by a pro for while. May have to take me a drive over there.

    Michele´s last blog post..Sweet Potato Oven Fries

  3. Oct 25, 2008

    I got to an Asian nail joint here in SC called L.A. Nails. We call it La Nails, though. Probably to show that we’re not taken in by the false glamour offered just because Los Angeles is referenced in its name.

    eliz´s last blog post..A tour of MY purse!

  4. Oct 26, 2008

    Cheap, not so frilly places are always the best, because it’s quality over quantity. People with piles of money have not realized this. I live no where near LA but should I ever get there, I would definitely go to any places you recommend.

    Heather´s last blog post..Does age matter?

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