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Keeping Marriage “Real”: California’s Prop 8 and Why You Are a Fascist If You Vote Yes on It. Yes, That’s Right, I Called You a Fascist. And Yeah, I’m Aware of the Historical Associations, But I’m Sticking with It.

Keeping Marriage “Real”: California’s Prop 8 and Why You Are a Fascist If You Vote Yes on It. Yes, That’s Right, I Called You a Fascist. And Yeah, I’m Aware of the Historical Associations, But I’m Sticking with It.

So I got an idea for a post when I was driving around and saw that some people in my neighborhood had made their own “Yes on Prop 8” signs to post outside of their house. These citizens were, I suppose, not happy with the standard issue “Yes on 8” signs available down at McCain/Palin HQ, so they decided to make their own, more descriptive banners in support of the measure to outlaw gay marriage in California. I can see them now . . . “Hey, Biff, don’t you have anything–I don’t know, more FORCEFUL than this plain yellow “Yes on 8” sign? Something a little more–what is it I’m trying to say–more hateful? You know, really uninviting, that’s the look I’m going for. Maybe a picture of a gaybashing? Or something? No?”
One of their slogans–“Keep it Real”–was interesting to me, you know, in the same way as roadkill on a suburban sidewalk might be said to be “interesting” when animal control won’t come clean it up, and you are forced to step around it every day on your morning jog. The prospect of gays marrying makes these people’s heterosexual marriage cease to be “real”? Is that the implication? And how does that work? Do the wedding rings and marriage certificates vanish, you know, like their love and fidelity to each other probably did years ago? And oh yeah, since when is “Keep it Real” a popular saying for Red Staters and their fellow travelers? Nevermind. Kanye West must be appalled.
I meant to go take a picture of these signs to post here, but I planned poorly; by the time I got around to it, the signs had been take down. I suppose they were getting some flack for it, since most of the other signs are Obama/Biden and No on 8 (if Prop 8 is mentioned at all). They had replaced their own signs with a banner the size of Rhode Island that simply says “Yes on 8.” This banner complements, incidentally, the McCain/Palin banner they have across two of their three second story windows. So in lieu of posting pictures of those signs and possibly inadvertently making people think I was advertising these measures, I thought I’d make my own sign.
We Californians have voted on this issue before. I think it was the 2000 election, and at the time I was reading a lot of queer theory in my graduate program, and I found out that there are actually portions of the gay community that don’t support gay marriage. Odd as it was, since I was in such an overly liberal, self-consciously, pretentiously liberal environment–the kind of liberal that only first-year PhD students can truly master, you would think everyone would have just been outraged about this measure, but no. The argument against gay marriage from the radical contingent was (is?) that gays should not be encouraged to participate in the traditions of heteronormativity–that making marriage legal for gays would just serve to underscore the idea that the only legitimate participation in society is marriage, an inherently heteronormative institution.
Whatever. These are the same people who de facto elected George W. Bush by voting for that narcissistic asshole Ralph Nader in 2000. Out of my sight, you pretentious tree-hugging fucks.
So, back to Prop 8, what I want to say is that why is it such a big deal for marriage to be a possibility for all people who want to join their lives together, and build a family, however they determine that family, and however they define that marriage? These people are not coming into your church and making you believe otherwise. Butt out, I say. But these people have worked themselves up in a frenzy, telling each other horror rumors delivered in the same tone of voice with which pro-lifers share stories of Obama personally slitting the throats of halfway aborted fetuses, as I read on Dooce‘s comments the other day. WOW ARE THESE PEOPLE SCARY, BACKWOODS BATSHIT CRAZY. They say things like, “Little Lauren went on a field trip the other day. That field trip? TO A GAY WEDDING. IN SAN FRANCISCO!”
The horror! What if little Lauren learns that gay people get married?! Dear Christlord! What might happen? How are we supposed to construct a fantasy land where there are no gay people, if these San Franciscans are always undermining us? What if she “decides” to “be gay,” you know, so that she can get married in San Francisco, too?! Wait.
I mean, honestly, it is baffling to me. As baffling as why that crazy barfly woman at the McCain rally’s question–“Is he an A-Rab?”–was answered by John McCain by saying, “No, Ma’am. He is a decent, Christian man.” Wow, how generous of you, John McCain. He’s a decent man, not an Arab, because everybody knows that Arabs cannot be decent. Just like everybody knows that you cannot be decent unless you are Christian!
You know why we have the checks and balances system? Because the framers of the Constitution were smart. So smart, that they knew that sometimes the voters would be dumbass bigots, and so they left in a loophole for the courts to go in and change shit whenever that might happen. And yeah, it started with the Federal Constitution, but the states work the same way. So yeah, keep putting up your scumbag propositions, and keep voting them in, and the courts will keep keeping you in check, mmmkay?

Edit: You asked for it, you got it: Official ABDPBT “Yes on H8” T-shirts!

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  1. Oct 21, 2008


    jenni´s last blog post..It’s Raining Peas! Hallelujah!

  2. Oct 21, 2008

    Here in Arizona the conservatives have once again (tried this in 2006) put up a prop that is pretty much the same CA’s. This was voted down in 2006 and there is already a law on the books about marriage (scary). But they think we need 2 laws. Like 1 law is not enough. And this marriage prop doesn’t stop at just gays. Oh no! This one wants to hit at hetero couples that live together.

    Last time this was voted down by the old Buick driving population of our state and I hope they do it again. A lot of these retirees live together because if they got married they would lose 1 of their social security checks. Nothing, like dropping an already minuscule income in half.

    I say those who devise these props and those that vote yes to them should be shot and pissed on!

  3. Oct 21, 2008

    Those people trying to ban gay marriage really irritate the shit out of me. Who cares who marries who? They try to hide under the God umbrella and use it as an excuse to spread hate. I don’t even live in CA and I gave money to help the fight in support of gay marriage.

    Casey´s last blog post..The Blue Dress

  4. Oct 21, 2008

    Some Evangelicals are starting to realize they’ve been duped and are recommending a no vote on Prop 8

  5. Oct 21, 2008

    The thing that irritates me MOST about this whole thing is the misinformation and just straight up lying that is going on. Have you seen the commercials that say Prop 8 equals religious freedom? Uhm, the fuck it does. Passing (or not passing) prop 8 isn’t going to have anything to do with YOUR PERSONAL religious beliefs. You’re not going to be more Christian if you vote for this hateful piece of legislation.

    ugh. I really hope this doesn’t pass because I’m sick of hearing about this issue. Don’t we have real problems to deal with?

    the ex´s last blog post..The Story of How I Almost Died This Weekend.

  6. Oct 21, 2008

    See my second to last post for my comments on this issue and the crazies that are endorsing it.


    Katrina´s last blog post..15 Names List

  7. Oct 21, 2008

    @Joe wow I do feel sorry for those poor, duped Evangelicals. To think they almost voted for something the [gasp] Mormons authored?! I am metaphorically clutching my pearls for you. Next thing they’ll have you voting for anti-gay legislation written by Muslims.

  8. Invariant Memory
    Oct 21, 2008

    I didn’t think your post could top your brilliant headline, but it did. This has made my day!

  9. Oct 21, 2008

    Bra tothemotherfucking Vo. I couldn’t have said it better myself. In fact, I didn’t. Every single word up there? YES, YES AND MORE YES.

    Mr Lady´s last blog post..Just Say No

  10. Oct 21, 2008

    That sign is freaking awesome. Fight the good fight.

    Jim´s last blog post..Giving the Government Way

  11. Oct 21, 2008

    When an overwhelming majority of Utahns voted Yes to our ‘Ammendment 3’ several years ago, banning not only gay marriage but ANY chance of ANY equality for gay couples, I always dreamed of moving to California if only because I never thought I’d see the same thing go down there. Maybe if I’d had such an awesome sign, people would have pulled their heads out just a tiny bit.

    Jen´s last blog post.."Vegan Rant"

  12. Oct 21, 2008

    Right on. Live and let live, and quit using our state constitution to further the right wing christian agenda.

    blissfully caffeinated´s last blog post..More Of Dorothy’s Lesser Known Adventures In Oz

  13. Oct 21, 2008

    I have a hard time understanding why anyone cares who gets married. Also, I shudder to think what would happen if that showed up on a ballot in Texas, I really really do.

    Mary Anne´s last blog post..She’s Got Bette Davis…Attitude

  14. Oct 21, 2008

    I don’t think fascist is too strong of a term. And I am still not talking to Ralph Nader after the 200 election. I don’t care how often he calls.

  15. Oct 21, 2008

    Driving home from work yesterday, my husband and I apparently drove right through a “yes on 8” crazy pants rally. The thing that killed me were the signs that little kids were holding saying Prop 8=Parental Rights. Um, I think I just threw up a little.

    It kills me that this is even an issue. Your “moral code” shouldn’t trump anyone elses rights as a citizen. I just don’t understand…and it pisses me off that I get so upset about it that I can’t articulate thought and reason any longer (not that thought and reason would sway those on the Yes side of this debate, but it would make me feel better to articulate it.)

    Ginger´s last blog post..i love boobies

  16. Oct 21, 2008

    I was talking to Gimp yesterday about this issue. She was appalled that I might support homosexual marriage. She said “What about what they do?” I told her this was not the only reason to get married. Most deals with the law aspect. Spouses get more rights than just some person you live with. What if you were seriously ill or hurt and your spouse could not even visit you in the hospital or take care of your finances while you were incapacitated. We take a lot of the literal stuff for granted. Marriage is a contract to share life and responsibilities, there is no place for religious beliefs in this proposition. A lot of people over look that fact and press their own beliefs. These people are ignorant.

    Toe´s last blog post..A Stink & A Challenge

  17. Oct 21, 2008

    I am high fiving my screen right now!
    Now if only you could find a shirt to print this rant on, start distributing!

    Sprite’s Keeper´s last blog post..Hair Apparent

  18. Oct 21, 2008

    I’m with your other commenters – I don’t quite understand why it matters who gets married. My best friend got married a couple of weeks ago (all gay-like, in West Hollywood, even), and my hetero marriage did not fall apart as they said their vows. I’m guessing yours didn’t either, and you’re much closer to the gay marriages than I am.

    I just want to ask people how their marriage has changed since June when the gay marriages started. Do they have less sex with their spouse? Does he do the dishes more? Did god smite you? How has it changed your life?

    Amy´s last blog post..Race Report

  19. Oct 21, 2008

    Some Evangelicals are starting to realize they’ve been duped and are recommending a no vote on Prop 8

  20. Oct 21, 2008

    Really, @Robert?! Thanks for keeping us in the know. I’ll pass that on to my “evangelical” readers–oh wait, I don’ t have any. Never mind. Keep on keepin’ it real.

  21. Oct 21, 2008

    Ask, and you shall receive! Announcing the Official ABDPBT “YES ON H8” T-shirt:


  22. KerrySS
    Oct 21, 2008

    At least you live in California, where it will likely be defeated. Here in Wisconsin, 60% of the population voted for it, and now our constitution has successfully been amended to be more hateful. I have in-laws who have taught their kids terms like “fudgepacker” are acceptable.

    I grew up in California and moved here as an adult. I don’t miss a lot about California, but I do miss living in a place where 60% of the people are willing to prevent other people from living like everyone else based on their own religious beliefs.

    I love that the fundies are fighting amongst themselves though. That cheered me right up. Mormons, Evangelicals…they all look alike to me.

  23. Oct 21, 2008

    Amen, sister.

    I don’t think I actually posted the , uh, post I started the other day about being asked to step into a leadership role in MOPS, a Christian-based moms’ group that I’ve started attending since I left work. Anyway, I was told I’d have to attend a class to ensure that I uphold the doctrine of the church where we meet (which is not the church I attend – I’m one of those “Liberal Lutherans”). I scanned the church’s website while I had the right-wing freak group member on the phone. I noticed there was nothing about homosexuality on there, so I stuck my nose in it and asked.

    After a 45-minute (give or take) lecture on how being gay is a sin, kinda like alcoholism, and that you can totally overcome that sin and ask for God’s forgiveness – and that the church even has a workshop and “Life Group” just for those sinners … needless to say, I gave her my two cents and declined.

    I received an email less than half an hour later informing me that I would not be a small-group leader and that I’d been given “Assistant Craft Leader” duties instead.

    Whatever, I’ll rock those Christian Conservatives with my crafty ass.

    Mary Anna´s last blog post..First There Was Evite …

  24. Oct 22, 2008

    From that site “It protects our children from being taught in public schools that “same-sex marriage” is the same as traditional marriage,”
    Really?? How is it not? It’s a marriage b/w two loving and committed people. Ah, the joys of ignorance. My girls don’t have any problems dealing with their 2 Papa’s. I’m conservative on most issues but this one I don’t agree with. Marriage is for everyone!!!

    I love the shirt!

    Jen´s last blog post..Justice

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