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Baseball Has Been Very Good To Me; Or, The Post On Why I Can’t Post When There Is All Of A Sudden All This Quiet Me Time

Baseball Has Been Very Good To Me; Or, The Post On Why I Can’t Post When There Is All Of A Sudden All This Quiet Me Time

I admit it freely: I despise baseball. It is an excruciatingly boring game, whether you watch it in person or on the TV. But at least the TV version allows for other distractions, like laptops or the Twilight series. (Yes, I too started reading this vampire adolescent trash this weekend for seemingly inexplicable reasons that are no doubt linked to the efficacy of social media to serve as an unwitting marketing vehicle. In short, I blame Sweetney, Mamalogues, Whoorl, Amalah et al. for their mentioning it–because even whilst I scoffed at them for reading it, I knew someday I, too, would succumb to the draw of the vampire trash novel. The same thing happened back in 88 with V.C. Andrews’ Flowers in the Attic, and of course the crack cocaine in print form Harry Potter series.)

Wait, I’m supposed to be writing about baseball.

OK, so Mr. Right-Click is a big sports fan, including baseball even though I have pointed out to him that it is really kind of a stretch to call baseball a sport, since there are guys playing on these teams who are so overweight that I could easily beat them in a footrace. I have attended many basketball games with Mr. Right-Click, since I am an avid basketball fan (though no doubt not so enthusiastic as Sarah “Barracuda” Palin), and Mini accompanied us to a few of the Laker playoff games this past season. But I never would go see baseball with Mr. Right-Click, not after the horror of my youth spent watching the San Diego Padres play, with my grandparents, Noni (cigarettes and “how’s-the-diet-coming?”) and Dodi (undiagnosed Aspbergers and ex-military engineer).

On visits to my grandparents’ house during the summer or on school vacations, we would go to what is now Qualcomm stadium, but was at that time called Jack Murphy Stadium, in San Diego. And we would sit for hours watching this dumb game in which nothing ever happens, and my grandfather would be listening to the radio broadcast at the same time as he watched the game, the better to ensure the accuracy of the score he kept in a special scorebook he brought with him to every game. My grandfather’s scorebook contained the stats for all of the home games, because they had season tickets, and each page was as neat as the one before it, and undoubtedly as unassailably accurate. He would teach me how to keep score, and I would be mildly distracted by the process of recording all of the stats, because at least it allowed me to think about something else than my intense desire to leave, right then, from this stupid stadium.

But, even at ten, I was thinking, “Seriously? Dude? They have people for this. See that thing up there with all the lights and shit–that’s a scoreboard.” And then I’d go get yet another churro.

But, like I said, Mr. Right-Click has wanted to take Mini to a baseball game for, well, about 17 months now. And I kept saying, fine, take him. But I’m not going. And he made arrangements to go with my father and his wife, and Mini–so at least there are three laps to pass Mini back and forth, I guess–and he even bought me a ticket, even though I kept saying, “No” every single time he asked me if I would go.

So today, they went. And Mr. Right-Click still asked me this morning if I would go. And I said no. I did help him pack up the diaper bag, and I put Mini’s socks and shoes on and gave them both kisses before they left. And I even miss them right now, since they’ve been gone about four hours–that’s a long time to be away from my boys.

On the other hand, the quiet.


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  1. Sep 21, 2008

    Going to a baseball game is about the only sports-related thing I enjoy, to be perfectly freaking honest. However, you know, there is the quiet.

    I’m a little disappointed that you gave into the VampireLove books du jour. A wee leetle bit.

  2. Sep 21, 2008

    I know, I know, my child. You cannot be as disappointed in me as I am in myself, though. 🙂

  3. Sep 21, 2008

    I am not surprised about the Twilight series. I have not yet succumbed, but I expect to at any moment.

    As for baseball? blergh. Not for me. fortunately the architect is not a sports fan, so we do not have such things in our house. 🙂

  4. Sep 21, 2008

    I have succumbed to the vampires. But, not to give too much away, the last book is more than a little disappointing. No where near as fantastic as Harry Potter, which I must admit to still being addicted to.

    Baseball doesn’t do it for me, but Sunday night football is on right now, so I have to go. Go Packers!!

  5. Sep 21, 2008

    Twilight? I’m’ giving in at any moment. And baseball? Waaaaay better than the 24 hour coverage of the Ryders Cup I lived through this weekend!


  6. Sep 22, 2008

    I start to miss my boys around the four hour mark too. After I’m all caught up on blogs and showering and nail painting and house work and reading. And then I get a little psycho if the husband doesn’t answer his phone. Not good.

    I am right there with you on the baseball though. Near our house we have a minor league team and you sit on the grass, which is great because all I have to do is sit outside and eat hot dogs and play with Charlie while the husband gets to watch baseball. Throw in some hard plastic stadium seats though and it’s TORTURE.

  7. Sep 22, 2008

    When I saw baseball in your headline, I figured you were talking about the legendary Yankee Stadium hosting its last game. 😉 🙁

  8. Sep 22, 2008

    Nah, I tweeted about it, though.

  9. Sep 22, 2008

    My daughter goes to Disneyland for the first time tomorrow, without me. It will be a long quiet day (at least while the baby is napping), but then again it will be a LONG QUIET DAY.

  10. Sep 23, 2008

    Baseball is the world’s most boring sport. And I read the first three Twilight books in 2 weeks which is a record for me. And I felt cheap w/ every page but I kept reading b/c I just. couldn’t. stop! I can’t say they are good books but I can say they are very captivating. And Cedric Diggory makes for a very sexy vampire!

  11. Sep 23, 2008

    Oooh, good catch. Did not even think of that.

    Starting Second Book Today

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