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And the Winner, this time is . . .

And the Winner, this time is . . .

[singlepic=76,440,330,,right]We had some great entries this time, though there were a few complaints from readers who already have the Diamancel foot file–I guess that is the danger of having the prize be something I’ve already reviewed here. I never thought that some of you might have actually listened to me and went out and bought the damn thing!

But, if you have, never fear. You can always sell it on eBay. And then take yourself to get your hoo-hoo waxed or something with the proceeds.

Now, onto the entries . . .

Shonda gives us the priest who started a beauty pageant for nuns. And then was forced by the higher ups in the Catholic church to shut it down, but not before it had been the butt of the jokes of several mid-day radio talk shows. Also in Religion Stupid this week, Amy told us of the monk who tried to fumigate a temple with fire. Weezy‘s boss cannot, apparently, grasp the concept that signs can be read from several different directions.

Yes, great entries . . . so great, in fact, that I felt I had to choose two winners this week.

First, to Alexandraleigh who, deploying a breed of stealth quickness usually only found in ninja masters, was the first to suggest John McCain’s choice of VP pick, Sarah Palin as frontrunner This Week in Stupid. Not only is she quick, she is observant: if you cast your eyes to the first column to the right of this entry, you will see that I have mocked this very choice in one of my widgets. Kudos to Alexandraleigh for being 1) quick, and 2) on the right side of the political fence–MINE! She writes:

It is becoming increasingly apparent to (admittedly biased) me that he chose her because she’s a woman, assuming that Hillary’s peeved supporters will come running to follow any politician with a set of boobs and forgetting that there are real issues (abortion rights, global warming, ethics, etc.) to be considered as well.

I have to say I agree. Far beit from me to suggest that anyone read anything by a 70s feminist, but strangely enough Gloria Steinem of all people wrote a piece for the LA Times that articulates my problem with his choice. In short, it is that it is a cynical choice, one chosen for people who think that women are good for only certain things, and that if they toe the party line and are former pageant queens, then that should be enough to win us over. In other words, women just want A woman to be VP, we don’t care WHO that woman is. And I find that insulting.

Well, that’s insulting, and then there’s the fact that McCain couldn’t stop looking at Palin’s ass during the whole speech in which he announced her candidacy.

Goodness. If I had entered this Sucky Sweepstakes, I would have chosen to highlight the fact that Palin thinks you can “heal” homosexuality through prayer. Let’s see . . . is ignorant bigot fucktardery a “disease”? You know, like Palin thinks homosexuality is? Because, if so, I think we need to start praying for the souls of Palin and her church tout de suite.

Now, if [knock on wood] McCain ends up winning, this will not invalidate my assertion of this being a stupid move. If that horrid event happens–well, let’s not jinx things. I will respin later if necessary.

The second award goes to Crash Commanda‘s entry about the email “mistakenly” sent out by a top HR executive at Carat media to the entire agency regarding a complete restructuring and huge number of layoffs. Holy snafoo! The email even included a draft version of the script for how to fire people–I guess it didn’t need further editing, ultimately. The only good that could possibly come out of this particular feat of Stupid is that a top-ranked HR person might (finally) be taken outside and shot, a policy I have been advising we adopt for years. HR people are the devil’s minions, people, and you will never convince me otherwise. Crash Commanda‘s story is just another piece of evidence.

Congratulations, ladies! Please look for my email in your inboxes within the next day or so, and I will send you your foot files! Thanks to everyone for competing in the Sucky Sweepstakes and lookout for the next installment, which will be beginning soon!

Comments (5)

  1. Sep 11, 2008

    Great choices! The HR snafu – yikes! My brain is so fried that I couldn’t think of anything. (I was secretly hoping that I’d say something really, really dumb at MOPS last week, but I made it through!)

    BTW: I find it ironic that most of the automatically generated Google ads on my screen are soliciting donations for McCain!

  2. Sep 11, 2008

    Wow…you now have a ton of ads about n-u-n-s and a certain someone who is running for president. Proof that no good post goes unpunished by Google. 🙂 I now have to go buy that damn foot file…thanks for corrupting me further in my shopping habits!!!

  3. Sep 11, 2008

    Yes, please click on those ads copiously BUT DO NOT DONATE. I REPEAT: DO NOT DONATE. The goal is to drain his paltry campaign funds (directly into my unbelievably paltry AdSense account).

  4. Sep 11, 2008

    Remember that time Elton John prayed not to be gay and married a woman. Yea, that really worked out well.

  5. Sep 15, 2008

    stumbled upon: your blog freakin’ rocks.
    snark is my favorite.

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