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Monthly Archives: September 2008

8 Examples of Stuff I Think About, and Stuff You Might Think About, Too, If You Read This Post Today

After the wild success of yesterday’s numbered post, I realized I wasn’t just whistlin’ dixie about numbered posts being all the rage. Why, Karen Sugarpants is doing it today! And so is Darren Rowse. Can Dooce and P-dub be far behind? Who knew I was such a trendsetter? That was sarcasm.You will find I use […]

100 Books: I (Smugly) Weigh in on a List of “Must Reads,” and Then, As Usual, Pass Judgment On People In General

People love lists. I am no different. Whenever I see a list of something, I’m like, “Well, we’ll see about THAT.” Did you know that if you put a number in your title–like “Top 9 Political Decisions Made Recently by John McCain That Suggest Dementia,” or “15 Reasons Why Deciding to Homeschool Your Kids is […]

Hooray for Hollywoodland

[singlepic=207,560,560,,center] It’s premiere week in Hollywoodland, can you feel the magic? [singlepic=232,560,560,,center] Do you know what Hollywoodland is? I mean, other than that movie with Adrien Brody and Ben Affleck, that is? Hollywoodland was the name given in the 1920s by a real estate developer to the area now known as Beachwood Canyon. The Hollywoodland […]

Breakfast of Champions . . . in a Tree House . . . With Coffee and Scones? Are You KIDDING ME?! by Mini

[singlepic=229,540,440,,center] A couple weeks ago, Mommy and Daddy took me to a place called The Treehouse Social Club, which is a place where parents can take their kids, eat breakfast, and let their kids play. The Treehouse Social Club was started by some people from The Industry. When you capitalize it like that–The Industry–it means […]

This is not a Saturday Night Live Skit, I Swear, But it Might Be Next Week

[singlepic=214,540,430,,center] From the New York Stock Exchange‘s website: NEW YORK, Sept. 22, 2008 – The New York Stock Exchange today welcomed His Highness, Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, Prime Minister of the State of Kuwait. His Highness met with NYSE Euronext CEO Duncan Niederauer and commenced the day’s trading by ringing the NYSE Opening Bell. […]

Relationship Status: I’ll Tell You Later . . .

When I was doing online dating, there was always the one creep who would answer, “I’ll tell you later” under the relationship status on match (or wherever). I suspect there were many more people who fit into this category of “I’ll tell you later,” but they were smarter than to answer that question truthfully, or […]

Baseball Has Been Very Good To Me; Or, The Post On Why I Can’t Post When There Is All Of A Sudden All This Quiet Me Time

I admit it freely: I despise baseball. It is an excruciatingly boring game, whether you watch it in person or on the TV. But at least the TV version allows for other distractions, like laptops or the Twilight series. (Yes, I too started reading this vampire adolescent trash this weekend for seemingly inexplicable reasons that […]

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Baby Fever

[singlepic=210,440,330,,center] PREFACE . “Honey, you know that picture we have? that’s on the wall? With the yellow Mini and all the stuffed animals? The tribute-to-E.T. one?” “Yeah.” “Can I–Is it OK to put that on the internet?” “Yeah, I guess.” “Because he doesn’t really look like that anymore.” “No.” “And they‘re having a virtual baby […]