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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Zootopia; Or, Mini Guest Posts in the Style of Breakfast of Champions

[singlepic=42,750,750,,center] Sunday is family day, and this week we went to the Los Angeles Zoo. Daddy says this zoo is also known as the Crappiest Excuse for a Zoo He Has Ever Seen, Given this is the Second Largest City in the United States. They decided to take the stroller, so that when I refused […]

Weight Watchers GIANT Chocolate Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Bar (130 Calories Each)

[singlepic=39,440,330,,center] “Can I ask you something?” “What?” “Are you eating anything else besides these?” “What are you talking about?” “Because there were three boxes in there and now there are only two.” “There are still three boxes in there.” “No, just now I had to open a box. And this morning there were 5 left […]