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Waxing in LA, Everybody Waxes in LA, Waxing in LA, Everybody Waxes in LA, &c.

Waxing in LA, Everybody Waxes in LA, Waxing in LA, Everybody Waxes in LA, &c.

As promised, this is the continuation of my two-part series highlighting waxing practices in the greater Los Angeles Metropolitan area. Today, we move on to the pros and cons of waxing the nether regions, along with tips, tricks, and general recommendations based, again, upon years of first hand research. Before I begin, I will gently suggest that any remaining male readers I have after the brow waxing installment of two days ago turn their heads for the remainder of this post, or perhaps get distracted by a shiny object to the left of the computer or something. This will not interest you, boys. In fact, it might frighten you. So shoo.
Now, you may be hesitant on this front, howevermuch Sex and the City and the Candace Bushnell/chick lit canon has attempted to glamorize the practice of bikini waxing. Or, perhaps you have no choice but to explore hair-removal techniques for this bodily region due to your hailing from what Jeffrey Euginedes refers to as the “hair belt”:

Like the Sun Belt or the Bible Belt, there exists, on the multifarious earth of ours, a Hair Belt. It begins in southern Spain, congruent with Moorish influences. It extends over the dark-eyed regions of Italy, almost all of Greece, and absolutely all of Turkey. It dips south to include Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, and Egypt. Continuing on (and darkening in color as maps do to indicate ocean depth) it blankets Syria, Iran, and Afghanistan, before lightening gradually in India. After that, except for a single dot representing the Ainu in Japan, the Hair Belt ends . . . Sing, Muse, of Greek ladies and their battle against unsightly hair! Sing of depilatory creams and tweezers! Of bleach and beeswax!”–Jeffrey Eugenides, Middlesex (308)

No, I am not of Hair Belt ethnic origin, but both Eugenides and his narrator, Calliope, are. So it’s OK for them to say it, and I’m just quoting. Don’t get mad. Where was I?
Oh yeah, this is another one of those areas where people think it’s not a problem for them. Guess what? You’re wrong.
But I never wear a swimsuit!
Do you wear underwear? You’re wrong!
But nobody ever sees it!
Do you see it? Then, you’re wrong!
I really don’t have very much body hair.
Unless you have none, you’re wrong.
OK, I do have hair, but I’m blonde.
Oh? Naturally?
. . .
See? You’re wrong. Even if you have natural blonde hair YOU ARE WRONG.
OK? Got it? You’re wrong. Don’t kill the messenger–I’m telling you what nobody else will tell you. This is not a feminist issue. This is a self-respect, cleanliness, general hygiene issue and, if I had my way, men would have to do more landscaping as well. If you disagree, then I guess you must just let your fingernails and toenails grow unchecked as well? (Bracing self for hate email and hate comments).
Getting back to business. Sadly I don’t have time, nor does my audience probably have the patience, to discuss all of the places in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and San Diego I have visited for waxing. Instead, I will merely touch on the most significant places in Los Angeles that I have visited, and entertain questions regarding the rest via email and comments, should there be any need. The best known place to get hoo-hoo waxing done in Los Angeles without question is Pink Cheeks. This is where Pamela Anderson went back in the day, and it is still the waxing place of choice for many starlets. And, unfortunately, the entire porn industry.
I was a loyal customer of Pink Cheeks for several years. At first, it was great. Because if you go to the owner, Cindy, she is the only waxer I have ever used who can do everything in one (albeit somewhat painful) rip. Their prices are a little steep, and they are not conveniently located for me. But I did go there regularly, enduring the long waits in the cheesy pink lobby next to porn stars and Spice Channel regulars, until the day that I was left in a room waiting for over an hour without anyone coming in to, uh, service me. This was after an hour in the waiting room–WHEN I HAD AN APPOINTMENT–and again I say, what is the point of appointments if you have to wait an hour and a half?
When did private businesses start using the DMV’s business model?
Despite my annoyances with their scheduling practices, I would still recommend Pink Cheeks in some situations and with some hesitation. The service there, once you get it, is good. They know what they are doing, and they make you feel comfortable under circumstances that are in actuality just about as awkward as they can get. They use beeswax and pure muslin there, which they claim allows for more time in between visits. I have to say that I have not found this to be true, but I do recommend them on know-how and longevity in the business. If you do go, though, be prepared to wait and possibly have many people (with pressing “appointments” in the back bedrooms of unmarked McMansions in Chatsworth) pushed in front of you.
My current (for about two years now) favorite establishment for all waxing (other than brows) is a place called–simply–Wax. It is on Melrose, and as you might have figured out from the name, all they do there is waxing–well, and a little bit of tinting, which goes along with the wax services. While I get my brows done elsewhere, I would consider going to Wax for brows in a pinch because my experience with them has been so good.
The advantage of going somewhere that only does waxing is that they know all the different tricks and preferred products, techniques, etc. And, since waxing has the potential to be somewhat embarrassing, it is key to go somewhere that they do this stuff all day long, because they are way more comfortable, and they make you feel way more comfortable.
[singlepic=104,440,330,,left]Before waxing at Wax, they give you a can of Gigi Anesthetic Numbing Spray to spray, uh, everywhere. I’ve found this product to be reasonably effective, but it is not a miracle worker. My advice to anyone going for a wax–regardless of where–is to take some ibuprofen about a half hour before you go. It will make things go a lot smoother. You will also want to time your appointment about mid-month, because you want to avoid this during periods of hormonal fluctuations. If you are pregnant, it is still possible to keep up the waxing, but it will be more difficult due to your hormones as well as the general physics of the think, but yes, I have done it so I know it’s possible.
At Wax, they use two different types of wax. This is the wax they use for the semi-sensitive parts, Berins Pink Rose Hard Wax. It has a creamy texture, is flexible and gentle, and is used for the major areas in a bikini and/or Brazilian wax. You’ll know it by its pink color.
Sorry this is so blurry, but my stealth camera is a piece of shit, and I would have been a little conspicuous carrying in the giant stalkerazzi Canon to Wax, so this is all I got. Oh yeah, they will use strips to rip this pink stuff off, and it will be on the more outer situated areas.
The wax they use for extremely sensitive parts is called Berins Blue Hard Wax. It has a lower temperature and can be ripped off without the use of strips:
I have found both of these waxes to be much less painful, MUCH LESS PAINFUL, than the beeswax used elsewhere (e.g. Pink Cheeks, but also other places). There is some debate that the reason for this has to do with whether the hair is pulled out at the root or not, and I don’t really have enough technical know-how to offer an opinion on this. Except to say that I have found it’s about 4-5 weeks in between visits no matter where you go, regardless of what kind of wax they use.
So why not go for the stuff that hurts less, yes?
While you are at Wax, you can enjoy the view of the rafters while they rip out hair:
The insanely bright, glowing orbs will distract you whilst you do your best not to shriek in pain. Just kidding, it’s not that bad at all. And here’s a trick: right before they are going to rip, you should breathe in a bunch of air, and then let it all out at once while she rips the strip off. It’s kind of a variation on the childbirth breathing techniques, and it really does work.
After waxing, there will be no pain, but the skin might be a little sticky and/or red. In such cases, Wax gives you some tea tree oil ointment to put on. This is the same stuff they use post-wax at Damone Roberts, and it takes the red away very quickly. I have known other places to use almond oil or baby powder for this–anything somewhat greasy or slippery will work.
Now, as far as styling goes, this is up to you. I don’t want to guide too much since everyone has their own preferences, and there are a lot more decisions to be made in this area than you realize. I present you with the services menu from Pink Cheeks as evidence of this.

Bikini Waxing:
FULL BIKINI: The full removal of all bikini hair. “In the butt” waxed also.
PLAYBOY: Your panty line sides waxed into a “V” or straight line. Labia is waxed. “In the butt” waxed.
PSUEDO: Panty line waxed. Labia is not waxed. “In the butt” waxed.
BRAZILIAN: A thin line of hair left on top with the same thin strip of hair remaining down the lips. Like a long straight line up and under. “In the butt” waxed.
REGULAR: Just a wonderful old fashioned and wholesome panty line wax. This can add a nice illusion of length to your legs.
THUMBPRINT: One “thumbprint” left on top. Look at the bottom of your thumb and there you go. This became popular when the low pants came in style. “In the butt” waxed. [Editor’s note: I have heard this one referred to as “The Hitler” as well–that’s the SFV for you.]
DESIGNS: Can be expensive and there is a lot of work, waxing and plucking to create initials and figures. Hearts are popular for valentines day. Ask.

Oh man, I guess it has been a long time since I’ve been to Pink Cheeks. Check out some of their other services. Perhaps this is an issue better explored in the comments?

Comments (16)

  1. Aug 28, 2008

    I used to go to a little place in Santa Monica – can no longer remember what it’s called.

    So – since you asked, I have a question. I was getting the “regular” wax, which I quite liked. no muslin strips to rip off, not too painful (they had wine at the salon that you could drink before waxing). I’d go for brows, lips & regular bikini line. It was good, but the last time, I got a horrible rash, badness, pain for a couple of weeks, etc. I haven’t been back since (which is horrible because although I am not from the hair belt, I might as well be). Should I find someone else? Should I go back, let her know what happened, and hope for the best? Do you (or anyone) know a good waxer in Portland?

  2. Aug 28, 2008

    That is bad. It might be a reaction to the type of wax used, or they ripped off some skin or something. Were you taking any kinds of medication that would have heightened sensitivity? Example–I was on Accutane and had my brows done–BAD IDEA. There were pieces of skin missing from my face for a few weeks.

    Nothing like that should happen if the person knows what they are doing AND you aren’t taking medicine that makes you sensitive. Same goes for bruising–that has happened to me before. Looks a lot worse than it feels, but still.

  3. Aug 28, 2008

    Do they honestly offer “anal bleaching?!?” I read a Craigslist post about this and thought it was a JOKE! Wow, I thought certain places were supposed to be dark, what with not getting any sunlight and all.

  4. Aug 28, 2008

    The very first time I went for a wax, the lady asked me my husband’s name. When I asked why, she offered to do his initial for me! I politely declined and asked her to just take a little off the sides! Since then, I’ve become a regular. I even got a Brizallian while preggos in prep for a trip to Florida. The lady tells me in a timid voice, “I’ve never done this to a pregnant woman before.” I assured her my water wouldn’t break mid-rip.

  5. Aug 28, 2008

    ugh….you have reminded me I have been remiss and it’s about that time again. very helpful info though, I normally just go wherever and pray for a good outcome. I’ve mostly good experiences, but wow, it is such a bad idea to try this for the first time when nine months pregnant. And really, who on earth besides my hunky ob/gyn was I trying to impress at that point anyway? You know, because mine, when waxed and in labor was obviously going to be so much prettier than everyone elses….

  6. Aug 28, 2008

    hair belt…hee hee. must use those words more often.

    I personally don’t think it hurts when getting waxed but when they bring out the tweezers for those hairs left behind. yeeouch!

  7. Aug 28, 2008

    Okay, I love that the name of the establishment is Pink Cheeks.
    God bless you ladies for your dedication to pleasing your man or yourself or whatever other motivation on have.
    I guess you can just call me a pussy (no pun intended). The only hot wax going near that region of my body better have been bought at an adult store.

  8. Aug 28, 2008

    Oh yeah, the tweezers are always the worst part of any waxing.

    J., oh yeah, they have anal bleaching there . . . and now I’m remembering a rather graphic ad for it that was up in the lobby–let’s just say I wouldn’t post it even if I had it, it’s that bad.

  9. Aug 28, 2008

    I can’t think of anything that was different the last time than any other – except my waxer was leaving for Spain the next day for 6 weeks. Maybe she was just in too much of a hurry (there was bruising as well).

    I guess I should give it another go. I haven’t been in 5 months due to fear, and not that I’ve been ordered to swim by my physical therapist, it’s probably better for everyone if I suck it up.

  10. Aug 28, 2008

    I thought Hola Isabel had already declared herself the internet queen of waxing how-to. Or maybe she just gets to take the Pacific Northwest.

  11. Aug 28, 2008

    What?! THYS. Who is this Hola Isabel of whom you speak?

    (Yeah, yeah, I know, google is my friend if I let it be.)

  12. Aug 29, 2008

    I have sympathy pains just reading this post. I’m not that brave.

  13. Aug 29, 2008

    Gawd, I’m feeling like a frumpy Midwestern girl about now. I have been hesitant to explore the realm of the hot wax. We in the Midwest are a little shy about throwing out our girl bits to random strangers like that. I did try the home wax once – can we say that was bloody disaster (use of the word “bloody” meant literally here, not in the British sense)? I have been too afraid to try it since.

  14. Aug 29, 2008

    Finding a new waxer (along with ob/gyn and hair salon–the trinity of a girls needs in my mind) is one of the worst parts of moving. It’s been a year since we moved here and I still haven’t been able to find someone I like!

  15. Aug 29, 2008

    No, no, don’t try it at home! Injuries will result.

    And yeah, it is one of the worst parts of moving, because there’s really no way to know without going and testing it out yourself.

  16. Dec 30, 2008

    i love damone roberts! they had a news special at damone roberts on dying your hair down there before you wax as an option. I thought it was pretty cool. I did try it once and did LOVE betty ( that is the dye they use it comes from bettybeauty – color for the hair down there and it was red) and i loved it! I recommend you all get it! i like to keep my waxer for as long as possible if i know they are good. Unless someone new comes HIGHLY recommended by friends.

    bikini waxing colors´s last blog post..bettybeauty bikini hair color recaps a great 2008 – thank you!

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