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Cyber Clean Blob-like Keyboard Cleaner

Cyber Clean Blob-like Keyboard Cleaner


The Boing Boing in my inbox this morning informs me of a new tech product I’m going to have to try. Cyber Clean is a “viscous keyboard-cleaning goop” that you roll over your keyboard to pick up all the nasty stuff that canned air and vacuums leave behind. (I realize some of you are saying, “Canned air? Vacuums? What is she talking about?” If that is you, I dare you to pop off a couple of your keys and look at what’s in there right now. <>.

Potential problems that I see are that the “dust” and “harmful bacteria” (and fingernail detritus, and crumbs from six month old scones, and cat dander, and . . .) get “absorbed safely into the compound.” I don’t know how I feel about that. This bit from the website of the Swiss company that manufactures Cyber Clean is not encouraging, either:

CC absorbs particles of dirt etc. and binds them, means that these particles cannot escape anymore. The more dirt CC absorbs the more the mass changes colour (the yellow “Home & Office” from yellow to green/blue and the blue “Car & Boat” from blue to grey/brown). A colour-scale on the packaging gives information about this. Once the mass is full with dirt as shown on the packaging then it must be replaced.

The product is not available in the US yet, but I will keep tabs on it and post my review later.