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A couple things . . .

A couple things . . .

I have been informed that a good way to keep your readers thirsty for more is to create anticipation. I learned this from the Problogger, a site that carefully adheres to its own advice to the letter. Indeed, Problogger is one of the most infuriating sites on this whole intrawebnet because of its belief in this one pillar of its own faith: the site is all anticipation and very little payoff. It is very easy to go pages and pages without any new facts being revealed, and with each click you are increasing the risk of being lured away by another link that takes you further down the primrose path.

On the other hand, that Problogger dude makes something like $30,000 a month, so I’m going to listen to him on this one thing.

Having said that, you should all tune in the foreseeable-but-not-specifically defined future for my review of the NEW BATMAN MOVIE, aka the highest grossing in one-day film of ALL TIME. Check back soon and often for my well articulated thoughts upon viewing the film in its opening weekend.

Another thing I’d like to address is the possibility of forums on this site. I am looking into the possibility of setting some up, and though they would be linked to this site they would not necessarily have topics controlled by me. This depends a great deal upon how difficult/time consuming setting them up will be. But I guess I am curious to see how much interest in such a thing there is in my readership. Naturally these forums would be free and not limited to or bound by the topics discussed in the blog portion of my site.

Off to finish off the weekend with a bowl of goldfish and a diet coke, see you all tomorrow!

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  1. Elizabeth
    Jul 20, 2008

    I don’t really know about forums, so I don’t know if I would use that. somebody else might though.

  2. Coasty
    Jul 20, 2008

    I think forums, also called “boards” by many, would be a great idea. I love your writing and think you are insightful and funny. I am telling all my friends about it so it would be nice to have forums with like minded people curious about popular culture and how idiotic it can be (see your comments about the new iphone, jon and kate, etc). Brilliant!

  3. Crash Commanda
    Jul 21, 2008

    As you’re trying to make your blog a profit-making business for you (you go, girl!), I believe the more information you can get about your viewership the better advertising deals you can get. I also think boards make your community gel more, and your eyeballs ‘stickier.’

  4. silver
    Jul 21, 2008

    what kind of format are you thinking? i can probably give you some help on that if its php

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