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iPhone iDiots

iPhone iDiots


Apparently there is a new iPhone coming out, as this picture taken this morning outside an Apple store in LA demonstrates. Hey, morons? You can buy one at AT&T without waiting in line. Or, better yet, buy a Crackberry, and get a better, sturdier product, and unchain yourself from AT&T and their craptastic service at the same time.

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  1. Coasty
    Jul 11, 2008

    It appears you have to wear jeans in the middle of a work day in July in order to be in line for the new iphone. And look at that thoughtful mother in the middle right who saw fit to take her young child out of school to sit with her and watch all of the excitement. Is that fat guy in flipflops next to her calling dcfs? He should, after he shaves that thing on his face and drops about 80lbs. Hey, dude, why don’t you stop calling Pizza Hut, get up out of that chair and spend the $300 you are going to spend on a phone on a gym membership.
    Wow, and I thought I was waisting my time at work today. Looking at this picture makes me feel like I cured cancer compared to what these people were up to. Standing in line to make a phone call would be bad, but standing in line to buy a phone? Come on! These people make me better understand how it is the Pet Rock was so popular. Can you say: Baa, I am a little pretty sheep waiting for my phone in a lawn chair and no socks on a Friday in July. 411: hello, can I get the number for a life?

  2. admin
    Jul 14, 2008

    Mr. Right-Click sent me this story, via reuters, further documenting the absurd stupidity of people–apparently there were so many people they crashed the system:

    “Activation problems marred its U.S. launch on Friday, with many buyers leaving stores frustrated that they could not use the hotly anticipated gadget after waiting in line for hours.

    AT&T Inc , the sole U.S. carrier for the iPhone, blamed problems synchronizing the phone with Apple’s iTunes online music and software store, saying it was probably caused by too many people trying to access iTunes at the same time.

    Link to NY times story.

    Again, I say @@.

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