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SkipHop Chow Repurposed as Coffee Disc Organizer

SkipHop Chow Repurposed as Coffee Disc Organizer

                               I am cuckoo for SkipHop products! In the first months of my son’s life, I acquired the SkipHop Splash (bottle drying rack), the SkipHop Pronto (small diaper changing tote that fits into a purse or straps onto a wrist and carries all of the essentials without all of the bulk) and the SkipHop Chow, a rack for organizing all of those little jars of baby food that get lost in the pantry otherwise. This worked well for keeping all of my son’s favorite pureed meats organized–

Aside: yes, I said pureed meats. My son loves pureed meat. I bought so many jars of this, in fact, that a cashier at the grocery store, when presented with forty jars of Gerber’s liquid chicken, beef, turkey, and veal, remarked, “These must be for the kitties!” in the manner of a crazy cat lady. I chose not to correct her. My son’s affection for gross foodstuffs could spawn a whole other blog, though, and I digress

–until we finally got enough teeth to start with the regular food. I was then presented with no use for my SkipHop Chow, but remained too selfish to donate it to Goodwill. It occurred to me that it might be repurposed to organize my Tassimo disks. Now, I get to look at my beautiful SkipHop Chow each morning as I refuel my caffeine stores. The disks are a tight fit into the compartments of the Chow, and each compartment can hold three espresso disks and 1-2 latte/Cappuccino disks. I imagine this would work with other brands of one-cup coffee makers as well.

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