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I know just enough about many different things to cause problems, but not enough to do anything well. This is a recurring theme. I want to get this stupid blog to look the way I want it to, and for some reason I remain unwilling to believe that this free, ready-designed blog is good enough for me and my idiotic ramblings. I am still trying to track down a way of designing it myself, even though I am pretty sure whatever I come up with will be fugly and full of technical errors that render the thing useless.

I have been hacking away at this blog info all morning to no avail. Even after stumbling upon Google Apps an the promise (albeit in extremely vague, computer geek language) of free web space for my blog, and after finding a cool program for blogs on GoogleApps called Bloog, I consistently run up against this one fact: I don’t know what the hell I am doing. I can see what I want to do, and even find other people who have done it, and are willing to let me copy off them (socialist dumbasses), but then I run up against a glass ceiling of geekspeak and have to start over.

I am sitting here waiting for my blackberry to vibrate with the sms that Google is supposed to be sending me. No dice. Without this elusive text, I cannot upload anything to the GoogleApps engine, not even the stuff I was able to crib off the guy from MIT. I should probably take this as a sign. There is an added difficulty here in that my son’s room is right next to my office, and while napping, he seems to possess a preternatural ability to sense when I’m in here. If he hears me tapping away at the keyboard he will promptly start screaming. Perhaps I should take that as a cue to stop here.

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