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Date One with Mr. Rogers: Color Commentary

Date One with Mr. Rogers: Color Commentary

Good things about Mr. Rogers:

  • 1) very funny;
    2) he is a marvelous “provider” on dates in that he wants to feed you, it’s not enough that you order the food, he wants to serve it to you, and then insists that you take it home with you;
    3) I get the impression that he is a very good father to his daughter, which makes him much more attractive;
    4) he reminds me of my best male friend from college, so I feel pretty comfortable around him even without knowing him well.
  • Bad Things about Mr. Rogers:

  • 1) this date was a bookmark, basically, which was my fault in part, but I am concerned by this as I am not sure that Mr. Rogers will give me enough reassurance for me to be comfortable—in short, he is fantastic when I am with him or on the phone with him, but I don’t know if he’d be attentive enough in between these times; and
    2) Although I admire him very much for his relationship with his daughter, and it makes him attractive in my eyes, and I would not want him to change that, I am not sure if *I* can handle not being number 1 priority, and I would expect that I could never be #1 priority with Mr. Rogers.
  • Time will tell.

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