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Monthly Archives: July 2004

Date 1.5 with Mr. Rogers; Or, Last Minute Dates Are a Bad Idea

I wore: light blue Banana Republic T-shirt, Abercrombie and Fitch “military chino” pants, OPI Apricotcha Cheatin’ toe polish, pearl earrings, Herve Leger perfume, NARS Dolce Vita lipstick. Overall sluttiness factor=-2, not even close to slutty, *at least in my clothing*. He wore: Some kind of ironic hip t-shirt (this is apparently his “thing” along with […]

Date One with Mr. Rogers: Play-by-Play Commentary

I wore: the outfit that premiered at the DZ with WryConsultant (I can only be expected to have so many dating outfit possibilities). Changes: Herve Leger perfume, Laura Mercier Dry Rose lipstick. Sluttiness rating maintained. He wore: jeans, some kind of loafers, an Israeli youth coalition (? I think that’s what he said it was) […]

Date Zero with WryConsultant

I wore: AG Jeans (sluttiness +1), a cream-colored macrame/lacy shirt, (sluttiness +1), brown Ralph Lauren mules (-1 sluttiness) with 2 inch heels (+2 sluttiness), NARS blush in Orgasm (sluttiness +1), NARS lipstick in Pigalle (a rose color, sluttiness neutral), Joy perfume (sluttiness neutral). Overall sluttiness factor +4=still minor sluttiness, but moving into mainstream sluttiness ballpark. […]

Date Zero with TVPolitico

I wore: the Mid-June-through-Early-July Date Zero outfit (I promise I will find a new Date Zero outfit soon, because it’s all about the fans for me). New “hollywood” haircut. French manicure, OPI “International Date Line” on toes. Joy perfume. He wore: black collared shirt with t-shirt underneath (a plus), black pin-striped pants (not a plus), […]

Date Zero with TooBlastedPoor

TooBlastedPoor and I met at the Bourgeois Pig, that unfortunate coffee house near my house that has been setting to many a DZaster. I wore the Mid-to-Late-June-and-Now-Carrying-Into-July Date Zero outfit, with the substitution of flip flops for mary janes, and no jacket. OPI Apricotcha Cheatin’ polish on toes, Herve Leger perfume, NARS Pigalle lipstick (a […]