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Date Zero with Mr. Rogers

Date Zero with Mr. Rogers

I wore: blue long-sleeved t-shirt (tight–+1 sluttiness), khaki cargo pants (form fitting, very low rise–+2 sluttiness), old skool nike sneakers (-1 sluttiness), hair down (+1 sluttiness), pearl earrings (sluttiness neutral), NARS lipstick in Dolce Vita (a sheer pink–sluttiness neutral), cooler-than-thou Revo sunglasses (sluttiness neutral). Overall sluttiness score: +3, minor bordering on average sluttiness.

Mr. Rogers opted for the casual outfit, a poor choice in my opinion. However, it was not a deal breaker. He wore: a white t-shirt, nice jeans, flip flops. Physically, I’m not sure how I feel about him. He is neither good looking nor bad looking, he looks a lot like a friend from college who used to have a crush on me, and that resemblance was creeping me out. But I think it’s possible I could sleep with him, so I’d say that the physical attraction factor warrants another date.

We went to a coffee shop in “our” neighborhood, but not on the usual strip containing the Bourgeois Pig et al. On the way, Mr. Rogers answered his cell phone. BAD! BAD MR. ROGERS! Manners?! He said, “I have to answer this,” I said, “hooookay. . .”

Other than that, he was quite gentlemanly. He opened doors, paid, wanted to discuss everything so I had to put on the brakes about discussing past relationships, etc. We have the same sense of humor, it is a very good fit in that respect. He said some cheesy things, such as: When I saw him, I said, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you around the neighborhood before.” He said, “I think I would have remembered you.”

Problems: 1) physical attraction TBD, 2) he has a daughter; kids are not a deal breaker for me, but I guess I never anticipated having to deal with that, so it was a surprise, 3) I think he can be very flighty, so although he seems very attentive right now I’m not sure if that will last.

Overall, I think there is chemistry. When we got back to The Steps, he said, “So, seriously, give me feedback.” I said, “No, there has to be some mystery.” Then he said, “OK, well I hope we will go out again.” I think he is very attracted to me, and I feel OK about him, so if he asks me out again, I think I’d like to go.

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