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Date Zero with Mary Magdalene

Date Zero with Mary Magdalene

Trader Vic's, Beverly Hills, the site of our date zero.March 28, 2004, 7:30 p.m. Trader Vic’s, Beverly Hills.

I wore a blue sweater with my AG HIGH FASHION jeans, Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vanille Freesia perfume. He wore a blue dress shirt, jeans, don’t remember what kind of shoes. When I arrived at Trader Vic’s, he was waiting at the bar.

MaryMagdalene does not look like what I expected. He is neither good nor bad looking, but what is odd is that he seems to be part Asian-American–I say that is odd only because I had assumed he was Italian since his last name is Magdaleno. The photo he sent was kind of far away, so I could only tell he had dark hair.

At any rate, he was a generally attractive and presentable guy, not much my type but this is a good thing, since “my type” is usually code for not-interested-in-me asshole.

We spoke about work a little–he was an English major as well so that was somewhat interesting. He has a good sense of humor, though he’s definitely more the type to laugh at my jokes than to crack jokes. Portions of our conversation for your amusement:

A: So what does a bonds trader do exactly?
MM: Well, drone blahblahblahbdrone
A: <adding up money in head>Ahh, I see, interesting

Somehow he ended up ordering for me, the food was good, we split lobster and steak and sashimi. The sashimi is an interesting part–he was wondering if I wanted appetizers and somehow we got on how much I like sushi, and he announces when the waiter comes that we’re getting the sashimi plate, even though that wasn’t one we were even discussing as a possibility. He also said, right when we sat down, “Just so we avoid an awkward moment, I’m paying for this.” Later he paid for my valet, even. He was, in many ways, the Anti-DoomedHistorian.

The alcohol issue, the source of so much angst for me on these dates, didn’t even come up. He asked if I wanted a drink, I said, “Yeah, just a diet coke.” and that was it. No, “are you sure?” or “what, you don’t drink?” or even, “Well, do you mind if I don’t drink?” This is an unprecedented phenomenon. That made me feel good.

MaryMagdalene wanted to go see a movie, I said that although I’d love to, I had to get up early. He thanked me eight bazillion times for coming.

Overall, MaryMagdalene is a super date. He does everything right, and he’s smart and fun and all that. I’m not physically attracted to him right now. But I don’t preclude the possibility of being physically attracted to him. I think it would be great if I could be physically attracted to him, if there could be chemistry. But I’m not sure about it right now.

The food at Trader Vic’s is excellent.

Epilogue: Further dates with MaryMagdalene are chronicled in this blog. Sadly, Trader Vic’s, Beverly Hills, closed down in April of 2007.

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