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Date Zero with AgeLiar

Date Zero with AgeLiar

AgeLiar is an investment banker who relocated to Santa Monica from Manhattan earlier this year. Though his profile claims that he is 33, he appears to be in his early forties at the very least. I am informed he has recently ended a relationship with someone who “works in a tanning salon.” This begs the question–how did they meet?

Date Zero, Feb 8, 2004 1:20 p.m. The Bourgeois Pig coffee shop, Hollywood.

I wore khakis, flats, blue t-shirt and blue cardigan. Comptoir Sud Pacifique perfume. He wore kinda funky t-shirt, cargo shorts, pumas. I have a feeling he shops at Fred Segal and uses a personal trainer. But that is neither here nor there.

He is not super good looking, and kind of short, but not unattractive. If I wear flats he is just about as tall as I am. Oddly, I don’t think he’s lying about his age. Perhaps his time in New York aged him. To be fair, I would not have picked him out of a crowd, but he and I are very well matched intellectually and personality-wise, and find the same things funny. I think there is definitely a lot of chemistry. We talked about reality tv, movies, and his neighbor, the Backstreet Boy who was dating Paris Hilton (he said he got to watch the two of them interact and it was “priceless.”) I had a really good time.

He told me mid-date that he was going to Scottsdale to golf this week, and then to New York, so he’d call me when he got back for “a real date.” When we left he said this again, so I will probably not hear from him for two weeks or so. But that solves the Valentine’s Day quandary, so that’s good.

Epilogue: I never heard from AgeLiar again. I did see him once again at a benefit for the Make a Wish Foundation that I attended with the man who I eventually married. He was with a man. Online Dating lesson learned: if you have a really good time and things appear to have gone off without a hitch, be suspicious.

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